Cooper Discoverer STT Tires

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Choosing the right tires for your rig can be a pretty overwhelming experience. With so many options available based on varying driving conditions, it’s tough to know the contenders from the pretenders. For me, having a premium tire that can tackle any terrain, wet or dry, is a must and that’s why I chose the Cooper Discoverer STT.

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Cooper’s Discoverer STT tire is a rugged and functional all-terrain tire with a non-directional tread pattern for a bold and aggressive look that works tough for off-highway applications. The Armor-Tek3 carcass is built from a two-ply radial polyester body and one-ply angled polyester body for three plies of protection and resistance to breaks and bruising. Deep lugs provide soft-surface traction while still adding  spectacular grip on rocky, tough terrain. In addition, rim flange protectors are placed on the wall of the Discoverer STT to help protect the tire and wheels from off-highway hazards.

I’ve driven over 20,000 miles on my Cooper Discoverer STT tires as a daily driver and on numerous off-highway excursions. The tires look like they’ve barely been used. If maintained regularly, there’s no reason you can’t get 50-60k miles out of these babies. Plus, they are quiet on the road, making for an excellent choice on daily driver rigs.

Overall, the Cooper Discoverer STT is a highly underrated tire that has set the standard for me as an excellent off-highway and on-road tire. Perfect for month long back country excursions or a trip to the grocery store, Cooper’s Discoverer STT tire sets a new standard for premium all-terrain rubber.

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