NEMO Equipment Morpho AR Tent

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When it comes to tents, NEMO has definitely let the air out of its competitors sails. When I first received the tent, I hopped online to read more about NEMO and quickly learned about the AST (Air Supported Technology) Airbeams that are used instead of traditional aluminum tent poles to support the tent and stand up to the elements.

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It was apparent by surfing NEMO’s website that this is a company serious about providing a quality product by using the latest technology.

One of the most important elements I look for in a tent is how well it will hold up in the elements. Let me assure you that with the Morpho AR’s fully seam taped and waterproof OSMO breathable fabric, there isn’t anything getting between you and a good nights sleep except maybe your tent mate snoring. The Morpho AR fabric is strong and durable yet very lightweight and breathable.

The second most important element in choosing a tent is the setup. NEMO claims that the Morpho AR can be set up in 45 seconds and this isn’t far from the truth. I had all the parts out of the bag and the tent standing tall in no time at all without reading the instructions. A unique aspect of the Morpho AR’s setup is the AST Airbeams. Setting up the Morpho is a breeze by pumping air into two-3 ½ inch tubes using the included Nemoid™ foot pump. Seriously, all you have to do is stake the tent, pump up the tubes, and voila…the Morpho AR is good to go! In addition, you could easily stake the tent during inclement weather, crawl inside and pump up the Airbeams while being in the shelter of the tent, literally setting up the tent from the inside-out. Did I mention the AST Airbeams are made from a multi-laminate fabric that provides a lightweight, durable, easily repairable support for the back country structure? Good stuff!

Finally, size and floor space are critical, and the Morpho AR doesn’t cut any corners. With approximately 40 sq ft (3.71 m) of floor space, this tent can accommodate two people comfortably while providing plenty of headroom. All of these components come together nicely in a unique tent that fits inside a storage bag 14” x 7” in dimension and weighing in at a mere 4.5 lbs.

This is truly a perfect tent and a must-have for outdoor enthusiasts who depend on reliable gear in any condition.

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