The Trip That Changed My Life: Easter Jeep Safari

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Have you ever heard of Moab, Utah? Until just a few months ago, I didn’t know the difference between Moab and the Mojave. Fortunately for me, a friend recently introduced me to Moab, and I haven’t been the same since.

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It all started when Olaf, a friend in the real estate business, told me about a little piece of land that he and five of his friends purchased for ‘dirt cheap’ out at Moab. Olaf had told me about how much he loved it out there, and how I should go to Moab and check it out with him. Of course, the first time he asked me to go, I did that thing in my mind that all of us do when we come to a crossroad of little opportunity: I said, “Sure, sounds like fun” without any real intention of actually going. When he mentioned it again, and as the weeks went by and I spent more time out on the trails in Orange County, CA, I thought to myself, “Hey, that might be pretty fun.” In the meantime, I had told all of my friends that I was hoping to go but with the prospect of not having anyone to drive to Utah with, and gasoline at $3.15 per gallon, I was confident that my sub-conscious intention to back out would most likely become reality. Even up until the day before I left, I still thought that I was going to make that flaky phone call and cancel on the trip. As it turns out, that would have been one of my biggest regrets.

When the day to head out finally came, my girlfriend was heading out of town and she agreed to let me borrow her Civic for the drive to Moab. I packed her trunk full of all my survival road gear, and I was on the road by 6pm. I had no idea what a long drive this was going to be, and as I hit a windy section of narrow freeway, I decided it was best to pull over and take a nap. Forty-five minutes later I awoke, re-charged and ready to rock. I could tell that by the winding road and elevation changes that I was missing a lot of scenery, so I decided to turn off my headlights and let the half moon guide me on my way. As my navigation Moab was this beautiful as I had rolled into Moab in the dark, following the shadows of a half-moon. system guided my way, I eventually rolled into Moab at about 2:45am.

Fully expecting my buddy Olaf to come to the door half asleep, wrapped in a blanket and telling me, “There’s the floor, see you in the morning”, I was surprised to find the lights were on and there were a few people there, still very much wide-awake. As it turns out, I spent the next two hours helping them install speakers and a flat panel TV. The next morning I woke up at 9 or so, and as I walked outside to get my stuff out of the car, I found myself surrounded by majestic red rock walls and trees. I had no idea Moab was this beautiful as I had rolled into Moab in the dark, following the shadows of a half-moon.

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