Eezi Awn Series 3 Model 1600 Roof Top Tent

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“Remember long after the sweetness of price is gone, Quality prevails.

Eezi-Awn Very Simply, the Very Best!”

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These are the words from Eezi-Awn’s website. If you have been looking for a Roof Top Tent (RTT) then you know that there are many brands out there, all claiming to be the best. So how do you decide?

RTTs have their advantages over typical ground tents as they can sit up high above bugs, critters and creatures of all kinds. In addition, if it rains you are well above the wet ground. Lastly, RTTs set up in about five minutes or less and fold down quickly too.

So what about Eezi-Awn’s claim to be the best? Well, I cannot say for sure they are “simply the best” but from my experience throughout the southwest, they are simply “GREAT” based on my experience to date with RTTs from South Africa and China.

There are several options from the Eezi-Awn family of RTTs, all of which are made of a thicker and more durable rip-stop canvas material compared to the Chinese RTTs, which are usually made of rip-stop nylon. So what’s the advantage of that? Well, for one poly-cotton lasts longer, it wears better, and it is much better insulated for both hot and cold weather use. The rain fly is a true “rubberized” material which will keep you dry even in the heaviest rains.

I have talked to several owners of the Chinese made RTTs, one told me that it started coming apart on his 1st trip in a windstorm, and another told me that the travel cover kept tearing and coming apart as I looked at the “Frankenstein” patch work repair on his cover. He looked at my Eezi-Awn cover and commented on how much thicker it is than his, how much better sewn, and how it had reinforcements and thick padding to protect it from the frame and ladder.

And the other comments I hear are “that one looks bigger than mine” and it should since my Eezi-Awn is a 1600 which gives me 8” or so more width which equals more comfort.

Sounds like the choice for the trails, right? Well, the biggest issue is price. At $1850 retail, you’ll pay for the quality of the Eezi-Awn in relation to its less expensive competitors. But in the end, I will agree: “After the sweetness of price is gone, quality prevails.”

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