Jeep Adventures with the Whole Gang

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When most people think of four-wheeling, it is often thought of more as hard-core excitement for the individual rather than an adventure suitable for the entire family.

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This certainly is not the case and with the proper planning and understanding of local recreation areas, a day of four-wheeling can be enjoyed by the whole family.

Many four-wheel drive enthusiasts understand the importance of family and maintaining hobbies that include spouses and children. While not every family member may enjoy spending a whole day working on a four-wheel drive vehicle in the garage, most will enjoy time in the outdoors while driving along a backcountry road and experiencing all that the natural world provides. Understanding the interests of your family, and planning an itinerary for the weekend or just for a day, can provide an experience that your family won’t soon forget and will certainly enjoy.

The most important aspect of four-wheeling with the family is maintaining a safe experience for everyone as it’s not just you and the Jeep this time. Fortunately, every recent model of Jeep vehicle will provide the proper seatbelt and safety restraint systems that will allow everyone a safe ride on the trail. In addition, there are a number of car seat options for small children that can be adapted for any vehicle with standard seatbelts, and these will allow even the youngest family members a secure seat. On a recent day trip, a friend of mine had a Jeep Wrangler with two child seats in the back, and his children were safe and secure while enjoying the views and excitement throughout the day.

Secondly, accommodating everybody’s needs during the adventure is key. This might include bringing special snacks on the trip, carrying a football or frisbee in your Jeep for some time to stretch the legs, or even bringing along a book or magazine with you. I have noticed that some family members will get tired and bored if they’re not the one driving so it’s always wise to have some back-up entertainment for those dull moments along the trail to keep everyone occupied. In addition to bringing along entertainment items, it is fun to research the cultural and physical history of an area that you may be going to. It is always exciting to learn new and interesting information about an area that you may be driving through, especially if it has historical significance or was previously a ghost town.

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