All Breeds Jeep Show in Pennsylvania

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Every group has their center, their gathering location, their spot of Zen and fulfillment in the universe. For Jeep enthusiasts, that spot is the annual All Breeds Jeep Show in York, Pennsylvania.

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The 15th Annual PA Jeeps All Breeds Jeep Show is a two-day event that is the largest Jeep-only Show and Shine, Marketplace, and Swap Meet event one would ever hope to find. With nearly 100 trophy categories from the most stock to the wildest modifications in Jeep vehicles, it was well worth the trip.

The event was held at the York Fair Grounds and every year there is amazement at how much can be crammed into an event. Half the arena was taken up by the Show and Shine where the lanes are broken down by Jeep vehicle class, then by modifications. On the other end you have the obstacle course where Jeep enthusiasts could try a log bridge, a rock pile, several frame twisters, and a couple of hill climbs.  The course was set-up for all Jeep vehicle types and classes with event staff taking the time to insure Jeeps made it through unscathed. For a short time the course was only open to the vendors and sponsors of the event but once it was opened up to the general public and the Show and Shine participants, the line formed around the track and cameras whirled as the opportunities for great shots never ended.

The All Breeds Show has grown every year to include more sponsors, vendors, and entertainment for everyone. The midway was the place to be if you wanted to meet representatives from your favorite aftermarket accessories and parts providers. You could have even found some products you didn’t know existed or were just being released. The outer ring was the swap meet section where people brought their used parts and unique items to offer to the public. You could find trip panels for that 1965 Waggoneer or perhaps a complete M1416 Stevens military Jeep trailer. It was amazing to see what was offered as people brought little red wagons to carry their treasured finds or put deposits on larger items they had to come back for. From old parts vehicles to half completed project vehicles, you could get yourself just about anything you needed and with some friendly bartering, these items could perhaps be had at the right price.

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