A to Z Winch Mount Plate

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So you think you need a winch? Did someone tell you that it requires slapping on an aftermarket steel bumper too?

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Sure, that’ll only set you back about 800 bucks.

You’re an adventurer, and I bet you want those 800 bones for gas money. You’ve got a kayaking trip in the Sierras coming up – you don’t want to buy a big bumper.

Call A to Z Fabrication right now and thank them for saving you a ton of money and a headache. With their TJ/YJ winch plate, you can be sitting proud with a mighty Warn, Ramsey, Mile marker, or Superwinch (uh, sold separately . . .) on your front end without the brutal cost, payload sacrifice (aka: suspension sag), or installation hours of a winch bumper.

This 40-pound plate ties right to the frame and sits on top of the factory Jeep bumper while using the same bolt holes as the OE bumper – no cutting, drilling, welding, or anything of the kind. You can use it on any flat-topped bumper too. Talk about pretty cool.

Installation will take less than an hour, even if you don’t know what you’re doing.

A to Z has come up with a way to add a winch to your rig economically, quickly, and soundly. Ye be warned, mates: it’s a no-frills, to-the-point, robust piece of equipment that’s laser cut, precision welded, and powder coated for maximum durability and perfect fitment with 3/8” and 3/16” steel construction all the way around.

If you’re like me: you might have to pull out the winch line once in two years. What do you think; hundred and thirty smackers for a hearty winch plate or an eight-hundred-dollar bumper? I’ll take the plate, thank you, and be able to afford one more Tour de Moab before season’s end.

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