GoPro Hero Video Camera

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The Hero by GoPro is an incredibly small camera that is designed for sport use and comes with a variety of mounts and capabilities for filming and taking pictures in almost any outdoor or sport type adventure.

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We had the opportunity to test this camera on our cross country adventure while we traveled 12,000 miles in a two month period, hitting seven different Jeep Jamborees across the country. The size of the camera is amazing in regards to how it functions: it resembles a child’s toy of a “key chain” type camera and it captures surprisingly high quality video and equally good still shots.

Powered by two-AAA batteries and holding a two gig memory card, it is able to hold 44 minutes of video, has the ability to take still frame shots in a variety of different modes from single shots to three shot bursts, as well as still’s every two or five seconds depending on which setting you choose. A couple of other great functions that really stood out during the testing and review process is the capability to position the camera on a mount, upside down, and set it so that it records right side up. Another great feature of the camera is that it comes with a waterproof case that is good for submersion down to 100ft.

After having the opportunity to use and test the Hero for almost two months, we like the design, compact yet impressive capabilities, as well as the ease of use. It was enjoyable to use and not so much of a chore as other cameras that we have tested and owned so we found ourselves looking forward to putting it to use and watching what it had produced later on.

If you’re looking for an affordable, user-friendly outdoor camera then the Hero is a perfect fit. There is also a wide angle option that is available and comes as a 170 degree version, as well as an HD version for those preferring high definition.

– Special thanks to Bob Miller of JpVehicle Outfitters for providing JPFreek Adventure Magazine with a GoPro Hero for this review.

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