Industry Interview with ASFIR 4×4

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Since 1986, ASFIR 4×4 has specialized in accessorizing and improving vehicles, including Jeeps. JPFreek Adventure Magazine recently had the opportunity to sit down and visit with their American distributor, Eitan from AOTech, to talk about ASFIR 4×4 products for Jeeps and their unique placement within the industry.

JPF: ASFIR 4×4 is new to the North American Market. Can you give our readers the history of ASFIR 4X4?

ASFIR: The business was started in 1986 by a group of former Israeli Special Forces officers. Their experience with Jeep vehicles in extreme situations taught them the vulnerability of and gave them ideas on how to make Jeeps more survivable. Their success as a military contractor gave way to demand for their products in the consumer market and in 1991, ASFIR began its consumer distribution in Europe.

Today, ASFIR has nine European distributors, makes skid plates and other protective parts for vehicles from 11 different manufacturers, and its catalog now contains nearly 2500 part numbers.

JPF: Tell us about your Jeep products.

ASFIR: Our bumpers are designed to be lighter in weight but offer all the protection of much heavier bumpers. They are purposely designed to protect the fenders and wheels but allow for a more extreme angle of attack. We offer differential protectors for anything from a D30 to a D60. Our JK products are some of the best sellers of the Jeep line and include protective skid plates for the oil pan, fuel tank, fuel system, transmission/transfer case, exhaust, and steering components. For those on a budget we have winch mounts, protective hoops, and front skid plates using the stock bumper.

JPF: Jeeps are historically the most accessorized vehicles on the market. There are scores of manufacturers out there all competing for the same customers. What sets ASFIR’s products apart from the competition?

ASFIR: We have been designing and manufacturing bumpers and skid plates for the Israeli Defense Forces and other militaries for years. Our product is also the choice of many border police forces worldwide. The goal of our products is Survivability in Extreme Service. The same parts that are being used by many military and police forces around the world are the same parts we sell for your Jeeps. Our products have a proven track record in the most extreme service and conditions anywhere. Civilian Jeeps aren’t delivered by helicopter and dropped into a war zone, nor do they generally have to travel extreme terrain in near dark conditions at high speed. They typically lead an easier life than its military counterpart, but they still deserve the same protection in order to get you back home. This is what we provide. Key features are 100% bolt-on parts using existing holes, plenty of openings for normal service of the vehicle, extremely lightweight but highly survivable and the average person can install our products with typical hand tools in a reasonable amount of time.

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