Brewing Coffee at Low-Impact Camp

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Morning coffee simply will not be left behind just because I need to save the weight and space on a bike or in my Jeep.

Here’s the usual:

• Coffee grounds (Wanderer’s Blend from www.bridgehead.ca makes the most sense)
• Snow Peak Titanium Mug
• Backpacking stove
• Snow Peak Titanium Pot
• Here are the magical parts:
• Ortlieb coffee filter holder
• Two aluminum tent pegs
• Melitta #4 cone coffee filter(s)

A genius invention, Ortlieb’s coffee filter is made of . . . hell I don’t know actually. It’s some kind of tough synthetic rubber-like stuff that folds flat so it’s easy to stow. Making a rockin’ cup in the morning takes just a few moments of your time:

You begin by taking those two tent pegs and inserting them into the pockets on the sides of the Ortlieb holder. Place the holder over your mug, using the pegs to support. You then take the Melitta filter, place it inside the filter holder, and add your grounds.

Heat up the water in a pot. Once you hit the right temperature, slowly pour the water through the filter, letting the coffee drip into your mug. In about a minute, you will be very, very happy. And you’ll be the camp hero if you make enough to share.

To learn about other ways to enjoy your camp cooking experience or to prepare recipes that will delight while in the backcountry, visit JPFreek’s “7 Bar Grille” website at www.7bargrille.com.

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