Crossroads of a Revolution

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Over two hundred years ago a small area of the pinelands in New Jersey, referred to as the Pine Barrens, bustled with activity such as sawmills, glass-making factories, and your typical general stores of the era.

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The Pine Barrens hold a preserved center known as Batsto whose historical significance played an important role during the American Revolution. The Batsto Village was a bog iron and glass-making industrial center from 1766-1867. Founded in 1766, Batsto would become one of the most important suppliers to the Continental Army during the American Revolution, supplying wartime products such as camp kettles, munitions (cannon balls), wagons, ships, iron fastenings, and fittings for artillery caissons. Many of the old buildings that housed businesses are still standing today, including the old saw mill, the general store, and the post office as well as many of the homes and living quarters for many of the residents of the period. It is truly amazing to walk around the village and know that in its heyday, it was a thriving community during the most important part of our country’s history.

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For the past sixteen years, Jeepers have gathered in New Jersey for a weekend of wheeling in the Pine Barrens with Jeep Jamboree U.S.A. Wheelers are able to enjoy winding trails, thick forests, and scenic settings, such as the Cranberry bogs, for photo opportunities and lunch stops out on the trail.

The majority of obstacles each year at the Pine Barrens Jeep Jamboree are the water holes. This year some of the holes were three to four feet deep with a majority of the trail system covered with one to two feet of water. As you can imagine, there were plenty of water-filled tubs during the event.

The wheeling at Pine Barrens, as indicated, is much different than most Jamboree events since the mud holes have sandy bottom pits that can prove to be a very  challenging obstacle for even the most experienced of wheelers. These are not the type of mud holes that you get past with excessive throttle and muscling your way through. To get through these kinds of holes, it is much better to have a little momentum and a good line versus trying to spin your way through.

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