Off the Beaten Path at Area BFE

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Area BFE…sounds like something out of a sci-fi movie with flashbacks of Roswell, New Mexico and its “alien” reputation. Not even remotely close to Roswell, this 320-acre privately owned area is just south of Jeeping Mecca…Moab, Utah. While the land may be “private,” it is open for public access for anyone who wants to enjoy one of its many off-highway trails or multitude of space for exploration.

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Area BFE’s diverse terrain and remoteness make it an excellent and overlooked playground for climbers, bikers, hikers, and campers. This area is also home to entrances of some of Moab’s most popular off-highway trails including Strike Ravine and Minor Threat, as well as the more infamously known hardcore trails such as Helldorado, Black Flag, and Green Day.

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Most anytime of year is an excellent time to visit Area BFE. During Easter Jeep Safari week the park can get crowded but is open to the public except for a few exclusive events, usually listed well in advance on the BFE calendar. A multitude of trails and trail levels are accessible with a non-motorized area as well:

Climbing/Biking Area: Non-Motorized – No motorized Vehicles allowed in these boundaries, allowing for access to some of the most underrated terrain for rock climbers and mountain bikers.
Black Flag: Expert only, no exceptions: Do not attempt without a day to spend and at least three vehicles. To Date: None have completed this trail! Lockers, Winch, spare parts, SPOTTERS and 3 Vehicles – Do not attempt alone!
Strike Ravine: Beginner to intermediate level trail, this is a fun loop that moves you through the park it is said to be very scenic.
Minor Threat: Beginner to intermediate. Expert line options. No real threat of damage to a half-brained user! Winch, 35” tires, and at least a rear locker
Helldorado: Intermediate to Expert: The famous Helldorado trail series is not for the faint of heart, expect damage! Lockers, winch, bring spare parts, have a spotter, other vehicles in your group, do not attempt this trail alone.
Green Day: Beginner to Expert. Two distinct lines. At least 14 Expert obstacles are present.
Test Zone/Competition Alley: Beginner to Expert. These areas were designed for teaching, testing new equipment and working out new vehicle bugs. A great way to prep your rig for your Moab Adventure.

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