Coleman Pack-Away Kitchen

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On those long distance trips, the one thing I look forward to is getting to the night’s camp and getting ready for a relaxing dinner. Your trail “kitchen” is every bit as important as your kitchen at home. Setting up an area to prepare, cook and clean up is not only necessary for efficiency but also for hygiene.

I have seen people on the trail who use one or more fold up tables, tailgates, hoods and even chair seats as their kitchens. At the same time I have seen kitchens set up on the rocks, tree stumps, and even the ground.

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I recently went to a camp outfitting store and saw a display in the camping area that caught my eye. It was the Coleman Pack-Away Kitchen, a nicely set up kitchen area made of lightweight aluminum that can be set up or taken down in just a few minutes. It  folds into a self-contained carrier that takes up very little space in your vehicle. The beauty of this product is its utility. When fully set up it provides a kitchen area that is two feet deep and nearly six feet wide. It gives you a generous preparation/serving area,  a shelf for your propane stove,  a pole for your lantern and a drying rack/net for your washed items. There are also places for hanging utensils, dish cloths, and paper towels.

My fiancé appreciates the fact that the Coleman kitchen keeps mealtime organized and sanitary. The best thing is the cost will not break the bank either. For group cooking/meals, it is a must have.

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