Popcorn on the Trail

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Popcorn is one of things I miss on a long overland trip. Planning and packing for meals on a week  or longer trip where a grocery store is just a faint memory can be challenging. Just think of the last market visit you made in preparation of  overland travel.    Even with an Engel fridge or the largest cooler, space for fresh or frozen items is at a premium.

Glancing at the grocery store shelves, there are so many items that can be packed away in a box but they require a microwave to cook. The last few times I did a search for a 12v microwave online, all I found were small 110v ones that shipped with a huge converter/inverter…until now!

Enter the WaveBox. Advertised as the worlds first truly portable microwave oven, it is big on power. Use it as a full power 640 watt microwave on 110v or direct to battery with the supplied 9 foot cord with alligator clips. It can also be used via the cigarette lighter cord at a lower wattage. Either way,  popcorn on the trail and scores of microwave meal products are now available to you on any of your overnight trips, short or long. All  the comforts of home, on the trail.

The WaveBox is about the size of a large tool box. You won’t cook a turkey in it but it will handle just about every microwavable product from your grocery store. The WaveBox comes in four eye pleasing colors and starts with a reinforced ABS housing, heavy-duty luggage type handle, and non-slip rubber feet. It is the convenience you expect at home on your tailgate, hood, or picnic table.

How does it perform? GREAT! Let’s face it, many of us do prefer some comforts of home in the outdoors. This could be the best and only cooking tool that you need in a compact package. No more propane, butane, charcoal expense, or the room to carry them. And, it’s not just for popcorn but for cooking, reheating, and defrosting foods. Heat up water for coffee, tea, or cocoa. WaveBox can and will do it all.

So should you go out and buy one? The WaveBox website says, “The best thing to happen to mobile cooking since the chuckwagon.” As a gadget “freek,” I agree!

– For more information, visit the Wavebox website at www.thewavebox.com

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