GoPro Hero HD Helmet Camera

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This time last year we had the opportunity to test the original Hero and had some really good chances to test it in different environments and situations to see what it could do. A surprisingly small camera it packed a large array of options that it could be used for, the Hero was able to take still shots like any other camera, bursts of stills where the camera would take 3 still shots on a setting and it also took videos.

I recently had the chance to test the latest version of the Hero and it has had some great upgrades that are an improvement and a great evolution of the product and its abilities. Some of the nice functions of the original Hero as well as the newer HD version include its new waterproof case that allows it to be used in environments such as rain, mud, and snow. One of the things I like about the new version compared to the original is an interchangeable, open rear cover for the camera case that allows for it to be mounted and audio to be recorded, a huge improvement. Another improvement, in addition to the video recording quality, is the rechargeable battery that can be charged off of a USB port and has a longer life (up to 225 hours).

One item the new version lacks is a view finder. It’s a bit tough tough to see what you’re filming without a viewfinder to help with sighting which isn’t an issue when you’re wearing it on your helmet but does make a difference if you have it mounted in or on your vehicle.

There have been several improvements to an already affordable and great product which makes the latest GoPro Hero stand out as another great advancement in design and function. Whether you plan to use it on your helmet while whisking down a singletrack trail on your mountain bike or mount it to the bumper of your Jeep vehicle, the GoPro Hero’s high definition capability packs a punch for such a compact product that is ready to capture every adventure.

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