M-Rock 673 Camera Bag

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M-rock bags are overbuilt, reliable pieces of gear for the professional and amateur photographer. The latest offering from M-rock lives up to this heritage. I am a fan of this bag! With messenger-inspired styling, it does not look like a camera bag which I find refreshing and helpful.

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The optional roll cart is nice to travel and I noticed that even with the cart attached it stows well under the seat in even the smallest regional planes. My favorite detail of the bag, however, is the forethought put into the placement of the top handle.  Even with the large messenger flap not clipped shut, the handle allows the bag to be picked up without spilling the contents of the bag all over the place. That has saved me on more than one occasion. Material quality is excellent and after several months of abuse on planes, at trade shows and in the back of my off-road rig, it shows no signs of wear or fray.

I do have to admit, however, that I am not 100 percent satisfied with the bag.  I would like to see a floating pad on the shoulder strap. With its messenger styling I was inclined to carry it like a messenger bag. A floating pad on the strap would allow the bag to be spun around under the arm for quick access to its contents. The M-rock bag has a fixed strap; this does not allow that motion and was a bit frustrating for me. That being said, the rigidness of the bag does not lend itself to the form fitting nature of a messenger bag (to protect the camera the sides are semi-rigid) and if one is not looking for that type of fit the strap will not be a hindrance.

All said and done this bag is a great bag and serves me well: tough enough for trail riding and stylish enough for corporate travel. Well done M-rock, well done.

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– Special thanks to Clint Terrill for his contribution of this review.

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