Defender Series Case for Android/iPhone by Otter Box

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Like many of you out there, I’ve recently been bit by the smartphone craze. The functionality and capability of today’s smartphones have taken the instant availability of information to a whole new level and with it, a whole market has been created to help protect this investment.

After comparing all the options out there, I eventually chose the HTC Evo 4G phone from Sprint because of its large screen, ease of use, the growing Android app market, and its comparable features to the iPhone 4G. Plus, since I’m a Sprint customer and didn’t want to hassle over changing carriers, it was the best option/fit for my needs.

Now that I had purchased my phone, though, I needed something durable enough to protect my investment from the rugged use I put my phones through (I’ve been through three Blackberry phones and an old-school Samsung flip-phone) while Jeeping and hiking in the backcountry. However, I also wanted something that would be easy to carry and use on a daily basis and would inhibit my ability to use my phone at the house or in the office.  In stepped the Otter Box Defender Series case.

The Defender Series from Otter Box is built with three layers of protection: a clear membrane on the screen that protects the phone screen from scratches, etc; a polycarbonate shell that “defends” the phone from bumps and bruises; and a silicone shell that absorbs the impact of drops. It also includes a pretty stout belt clip for on-the-go carrying. Sounds good and dandy but does it actually perform?

Installing the Defender Series case on your phone is a quick process that takes less than 30 seconds. Once I had gotten the case on the phone, the test began with my 20-month old daughter who immediately grabbed the phone, ran across the room, and threw the phone towards her play kitchen. This wasn’t actually intended to be the first test but my daughter was apparently quicker than me. Nonetheless, it turned out to be a good test as the phone went unscathed and my daughter got a huge laugh.

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