Therm-A-Rest Camp & Comfort Series Mattress

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Cascade Designs’ Thermarest LuxuryCamp mattress was crafted for the avid camper who seeks a comfortable and warm night’s sleep while enjoying the great outdoors. This self-inflating mattress is the best of both worlds, combing a luxurious stretch-knit fabric for comfort and 2.5” of thickness for plenty of warmth and easy sleeping. This mattress was just what we needed while camping in the backcountry of Big Bend National Park.

Quality and Comfort: I have used Therm-a-rest products for years and I have to say that this particular model was by far the most comfortable and well made mattress pad that I have ever slept on! The mattress’ surface is contoured with a velvety-soft material that provides a seamless night’s rest, and the quality is unmatched with a urethane foam core. I slept like a baby!

Ease of Use: Basically it’s a three-step process. Step one: Unfold the mattress and lay it flat on the ground. Step two: Open the air valve. Vouala! In less than two minutes you have a completely self-inflated mattress pad to crash on. Step three? Enjoy a great night’s sleep!

Size Options: Cascade Designs realizes that people come in all shapes and sizes so they have accommodated this by offering their Therm-a-rest products as such: Three sizes are available in the LuxuryCamp model: R (regular) which is what we tested and will accommodate a person 6’ tall or less; L (large) which accommodates people up to 6.5’ tall or less (and is slightly wider at 25”); and XL (extra large) which is even wider at 30”. Weight ranges from 3 lbs 2 oz with the size R mattress to 5 lbs 1 oz for the size XL mattress and all three mattresses inflate to 2.5” in thickness.

Price: They don’t call this the LuxuryCamp model for nothing. Starting at $99 retail for the size R mattress and jumping to $149 retail for the size XL, these mattresses aren’t the cheapest on the market but then again, not all mattresses compare to the LuxuryCamp model. If you’re on a tighter budget but still want a comfortable and warm mattress that’s not quite as thick or plush, consider the Therma-rest BaseCamp model.

The only other ‘con’ to speak of is the lack of a stuff sack with Therm-a-rest mattresses and the LuxuryCamp model was no exception. It’s not that big of a deal as you can purchase a stuff sack to accommodate your mattress for $10.95 retail but still…

Overall Rating: Cascade Designs’ Therm-a-rest LuxuryCamp mattress is definitely the most comfortable and warm mattress that I have ever slept on, aside from my bed at home. At 2.5” thick, you’d be amazed how well you can sleep on the mattress’ velvety-soft, contoured surface. While a little pricey, Cascade Designs has done an amazing job at providing the highest quality mattresses on the market so if you’re looking to enjoy a good night’s sleep while enjoying Mother Nature, look no further than the Therm-a-rest LuxuryCamp self-inflating mattress.

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