Mobil Medic Trauma Kits

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First Aid kits are probably present in every Jeep that travels off-road and if they aren’t, they need to be. They are quite handy for small cuts, scrapes, headaches etc; however, they are totally useless in the event of typical injuries you might encounter at a medical emergency off-road. For situations like this, you need medical training (a simple two day weekend course in Wilderness First Aid), as well as a very good trauma kit.

Mobil Medic offers such a kit. Actually, they offer several of them depending on your needs. From small kits for the individual with enough supplies to treat one or two emergencies, to larger kits for professional paramedics and rescue  trucks. There are lots of companies out there selling trauma kits so why Mobil Medic? Simple. Quality, price, and service. Quite frankly, you won’t find a better, well stocked, similarly priced kit anywhere.

The two kits I can highly recommend are the Volunteer Kit and the Truck Kit. Both kits are housed in high quality nylon gear bags.

The Volunteer Kit features over 200 items including Cervical Collar, Berman Airways, CPR Face Shield, Adult BVM Rescue
Breather, several large and extra-large trauma pads, flexible splint, hemostat, trauma shears, gauge pads, nitrile gloves, instant ice packs, blood pressure cuff, stethoscope, blood stopper trauma pack, forceps, surgical masks, and more. It is stocked to easily handle one or more major medical emergencies. It’s the perfect kit to carry in your vehicle.

The Truck Kit has everything the Volunteer Kit has but in larger quantities and even a few items not found in the Volunteer Kit. The Truck Kit is ideal for a group or a club to carry on off-highway trips, and was designed for multiple patients. The Truck Kit is the kit I carry in my Jeep and while I haven’t had to use it yet, I always look for the chance to show it off.

Mobile Medic offers a variety of kits for the individual with basic training, all the way up to the professional paramedic and ambulance corps/rescue squad. They provide a big bang for the buck and because of their competitive pricing, you can buy a bigger kit for less than the competitors’ smaller kits. In addition, they donate part of their proceeds to the Wounded Warrior Project and the Semper Fi Fund for wounded Marines. In my search for quality trauma kits at affordable prices, I have found no other company doing the same.

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