Brake Strips by Phoenix Systems

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Brakes…one of the most important components and systems on a vehicle. Yet they are also one of the components that are dismissed or forgotten until the time when it is needed the most. Rarely do we pay much attention to our brakes but we use them every time we drive. It’s not until we go to step on the brakes and find out that they aren’t there do we realize that something needs to be fixed. Hopefully that moment doesn’t come too late!![Not a valid template]

There are several components to the brake system that need to be checked regularly and maintained to ensure proper performance. Among those components is the brake fluid. Once it is checked and the fluid level looks okay, it is passed up for the next component to be inspected.

Red warning flag number one: Just because the fluid level is at the “full level” doesn’t mean that the fluid in the master cylinder is still in good working order. The color of the fluid doesn’t indicate the need for replacement, and the mileage on the vehicle is not an indicator if the fluid needs flushed or not. Even the “Big Three” automotive manufacturers do not have a specific guideline in place for when the brake fluid is in need of replacement.

Phoenix Systems has taken the guesswork out of trying to tell if your brake fluid is good or not with the introduction of the “Brake Strip.” This handy little strip is not only easy to use but makes it easy for the “do it yourselfer” to check and see if the brake fluid in any vehicle needs attention.

The “Brake Strip” will allow you to check the fluid by simply dipping the strip into the brake fluid, waiting 60 seconds, and matching the color of the pad to the FASCAR Scale. Yes, it’s really that quick and simple to have the peace of mind knowing that your brake fluid is up to par.

We obtained our Phoenix System “Brake Strips” from the fine folks at Jp Vehicle Outfitters in Colorado Springs, Colorado. They can be contacted by phone at 1-800-750-000 for pricing and more information.

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