Light My Fire Firesteel 2.0 Fire Starter

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The Firesteel 2.0 Fire Starter from Swedish company Light My Fire is a simple, effective, and highly recommended tool for any overland or outdoor adventure enthusiast.

Quite honestly, this is one of my favorite products! The premise behind the Firesteel 2.0 is to provide a way to quickly, easily, and efficiently start a fire when you’re in the backcountry. For most people, carrying a box of matches and lighter fuel winds up being their method of preference. However, space is always an issue while in a Jeep vehicle and I’ve never liked carrying flamable products unless absolutely necessary.

With the Firesteel 2.0 from Light My Fire, you’ve got a compact and amazingly easy tool to use to start your next campfire that can be used in dry and/or wet conditions. The Firesteel 2.0 features a metal striking surface that creates a 5,500 degree Fahrenheit spark (per Light My Fire’s website) which will light anything at basecamp or even in the wild if in a survival situation, even at altitude.

Another feature of the Firesteel 2.0 is the built-in whistle that can be used in cases where you need to attract attention while on a hike or stranded in your Jeep.

I could talk and talk about how cool this product is but it’s one of those tools that makes you think, “Why didn’t I think of this?!” Check out more information on the Firesteel 2.0 by visiting their website and pick up one of these today as I think you’ll agree that it’s a smart, ingenious product you’ll want to have on all your future overland and backcountry journeys.

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