Mountainsmith Approach 35 Backpack

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Mountainsmith’s Approach 35 Backpack is the latest in a line of all-terrain packs purpose-built for multiple uses, whether on a mountain crag on a second pitch of a climb, hiking in the backcountry, or traveling in your Jeep vehicle.

The Approach 35 has a number of unique features that make it a good choice for small or big travel adventure. Built from recycled plastic bottles via its 450d ReDura shell, the Approach 35 is a “green” product with a large capacity volume of 47 Liters (approximately 2868 cubic inches). What this means is you can load the pack up with a change of clothes, rain jacket, a few water bottles, and some snacks while hiking or load it with a set of weekend clothes and other miscellaneous goodies.

The size was designed to allow for carry-on while flying and its assortment of pockets, as well as top-loading system that switches between ruck sack or travel bag, make accessing stored contents a breeze.  I particularly like the ruck sack style opening to allow for easy placement of a rain jacket when hiking which can always be an issue while adventuring in central Texas.

There’s plenty of stow-away room to load the pack with tools, sleeping bag, or whatever you need while traveling in your Jeep vehicle. Plus, the vented padding in the back helps keep sweat from staying in place by venting the humidity on your back.

I’m big on products that can be used for multiple purposes and the Approach 35 achieves this and then some. I plan to use this pack exclusively on my future treks into the backcountry and for $119, it’s priced right and works beautifully.

In short, I feel very comfortable recommending the Mountainsmith Approach 35 Backpack to anyone looking for a solid, rugged, simple yet effective way to carry gear on your next adventure.

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