T-Max Winch from Westin Automotive

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Bring up the word “winch” and for many, the first name to come to mind is perhaps Warn or Superwinch. No one will argue the fact that both have a reputation for quality.

Now for a moment, clear your mind and look past the all too easy name recognition. You are on a budget but you insist on a quality product. Can you save a fist full of dollars and still get a reliable winch whose specs can stand up to the best of them? You betcha!

I looked at a lot of winches for the “Ultimate Overland ZJ” project. At the SEMA show in November pretty much any booth with a winch on display was on my radar. All the names you know and all the ones you might have never heard of were on display at  SEMA. One that immediately caught my eye was the T-Max Performance Series. The bright yellow color made it stand out in a crowd of silver and gray that everyone else had.

The T-Max was “pretty” but how would it compare to the more expensive competition?   The T-Max was designed, tested, and has proven time and time again its capabilities in the harsh Australian Outback so this was a great start! Plus, how about a 6.6 HP series wound motor, geared low to increase power and resistance to overheating. Also, how about a three stage planetary drive system with heat treated gears for durability and reliability? For safety it features a posi-lock drum brake that locks the main gears for stopping when winching stops. If that is not enough, it’s full bearing system makes for a smoother, cooler running winch which requires less amperage, resulting in less load on your vehicles electrical system.

My Performance Series winch has a 9500lb rating and comes standard with synthetic winch rope and a wireless remote control. Compare this winch with the brand name competition twice as much or more!

After a simple install and hook up it worked flawlessly pulling my ZJ up a gradiant angle. All the power and speed I expected was smooth and steady. The wireless remote keeps you out of harms way and the synthetic rope gives you piece of mind. I have no doubt that in the event I need a winch for extraction, the T-Max will perform reliably.

Yellow not your color?  The T-Max line has the traditional silver/gray colored winches too .  Check out their 12,000 lb model as you won’t beat the price anywhere.

Compare the specs, cost, and warranty which stands up to those of the big names.  I think you will be convinced, as I was, to put a T-Max on your “ultimate” overland Jeep!

For more information about T-Max winches, check out their site by clicking here

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