Overland Expo 2011

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Overland(ing): Vehicle-supported, self-reliant adventure travel, typically exploring remote locations and interacting with other

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Expedition Vehicle: A 4wd or adventure motorcycle prepared for self-reliant travel over long distances, through unpredictable weather and over variable terrain.

Just north of the Mexican boarder in the small town of Amado, overland enthusiasts converged for a multiple day festival of  adventure, and education: Overland Expo 2011. Members of the JPFeek staff joined in this amazing event. The expo is a resource for like-minded adventure travelers of all types to meet and share in experiences and also engage in the unique opportunity to learn from industry professionals and seasoned travelers. Participants could sign up for seminars and workshops covering all aspects of adventure travel and preparation.

Along with lectures and presentations there were interactive demonstrations and workshops covering topics like outfitting and building your overland vehicle, overland navigation, safety etc…

Skills classes involving driving and recovery were taught on a specially prepared course. Basic and advanced driving techniques in both participants vehicles along with Land Rovers from Land Rover Experience allow attendees to sharpen skills and learn new ones.

And then there was the gear. Vendors displayed the products needed (and wanted) to make any level of backcountry excursion comfortable and secure.

Overland Expo is not just about the four wheel drive enthusiasts needs. Motorcycle dependent travel is a large focus for the event and the training products and services offered and displayed are as vast and varied as the four wheel drive counterparts.

Massive globe traveling self contained campers, four wheel drive vans, Land Cruisers and of course Jeeps and others on display and participating in training and adventures.

That in a nutshell is overland expo. We have more coverage from the event to come, as well as product reviews and features from the show.

Stay tuned.

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