Trasharoo Spare Tire Garbage Container

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I was fortunate enough to test the Trasharoo prototype for several thousand kilometers in Australia. The prototype, very similar to the final version, held up to everything we threw in it. The Trasharoo acted as our portable trash can, attached to our rear spare tire as wewent along our one-week excursion into the outback, holding securely all of our trash for two people during camping outings.

Unlike the prototype, the final version of the Trasharoo has integrated
drainage holes in the bottom in case of the event of an unfinished beverage, or a trash bag puncture. The Trasharoo is not only for trash, as we found the upper storage compartment great for recovery gear, and have used it to haul firewood to camp, soccer balls to practice, and just about anything that will fit into it.

I have found the Trasharoo to be one my best companions for both long excursions and short trips when mainly used a trash bin. With it mounted to the spare tire, it offers easy trail cleanup, and keeps the odors of the waste on long trips outside and to the rear of the Jeep.

Pickup your Trasharoo by visiting our friends at Sierra Expeditions and view more details by clicking here

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