Adventure Trailers Announces Production Launch of JK Habitat

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JK Habitat


Adventure Trailers, Inc. (AT) manufacturer of Built for Offroad™ trailers and accessory equipment for 4×4 vehicles is pleased to introduce the JK Habitat™ Hardtop designed exclusively for the Jeep® Wrangler® Unlimited JK 4 door.

The Habitat™ has been designed collaboratively with Ursa Minor Vehicles, an innovative small camper manufacturer, and NEMO Equipment, Inc., an award-winning tent designer and manufacturer. The Habitat™ is a replacement hard top featuring a lid that opens over the hood of the Jeep® to reveal a tent and sleeping area for up to 4 people.

The Habitat™ is a convenient and comfortable sleeping arrangement that’s off the ground, away from campground critters and offers a birds-eye view of your surroundings.  The camper incorporates a unique tent designed and manufactured by NEMO. Deploying smoothly in under one minute, the Habitat™ takes up no more space than the footprint of the vehicle. Accessing the tent happens either through the rear doors of the vehicle, through a hatch in the ceiling of the Jeep, or by ladder to doors on either side of the tent.

“We are excited about the Habitat™. It adds a new level of functionality to the most capable 4×4 vehicle built in the USA. The Jeep® Wrangler® is one of the most customized vehicles by its owners and now they have the opportunity to add a high level of camping convenience and comfort. No special modifications to the vehicle are required and only 6” are added over the original hardtop height. Along with the Habitat™ Hardtop, we designed a series of accessories such as storage drawers, slide out fridge & stove unit and an on-board shower to enhance the camping experience,” said Mario Donovan, President of AT.

John Gish, founder of Ursa Minor Vehicles commented, “The Habitat™ is our first fold over camper, and we choose to work with AT to reach a new market based on their experience with off road accessories and overland travel. It stays true to our design goal of delivering a unique camper to support active outdoor adventures.”

“We’re excited to be part of this project. The Habitat™ is a great tool for extending the adventuring capability of the Jeep,” said Cam Brensinger, president and founder of NEMO Equipment, “AT has a history of making some of the most capable and well-engineered off road trailers in the world while Ursa Minor Vehicles specializes in lightweight composite campers. We are excited to bring our award-winning design team, innovative fabrics and unique technologies to set a new standard for the overland vehicle shelter.”

– For more information, please visit the Adventure Trailers website.

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