Jeep's 70th Anniversary in Belgium

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Jeepclub Belgium Luxemburg  recently organized it’ 70 Years Jeep festivities under the name “Jeepworld 2011” in the heart of Belgium, near Namur, on the magnificent and green castle domain of Château d’Arville.

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Customers, prospects and Jeepclub members were invited with their families and friends to enjoy a range of activities on one of the two days of Jeep celebration. Additionally, the event was a national showcase for the launch of the 2011 versions of the Jeep Compass and Jeep Grand Cherokee, sporting the brand-new 2011 diesel version of the latter car. We are proud to have received over 500 persons and Jeep-fans!

On the agenda were a number of activities, such as:

Jeep Academy

This was a special part where anyone could register for an instructor-driven tour over rough terrain in a Jeep of their own choice. It was massively successful as we registered over 250 Jeep Academy sessions over the 2 days!

Jeep Trails

Visitors were given the choice to participate with their own rig to a Jeep Off-road Forest Trail which was an off-road drive accessible to all Jeeps, as well as the Jeep Wrangler Adventure Trail which required a Wrangler (Rubicon) with mud tires and recovery gear.

Wee Willy’s drives

For children and adolescents, there was a special track with miniature petrol-engine powered Willy’s replica’s sure to spark a big interest in Jeep driving! These tiny Jeeps drove around the track like mad, jumping up and down, and were a treat to the eye.

Berg Jeep skelters

Two tracks were laid out by our sponsor Berg in which smaller and bigger children could set off in Jeep-branded go-carts in two sizes. The skelters were great as they were painted in olive-drab and pedal-powered, and the bigger ones had a spare wheel on the back.

Garmin Treasure Hunt

Our partner Garmin provided a meeting point in the Jeep village where you could register to participate in an outdoor GPS navigation course and game on foot. On both days, nice prizes were given away to the best performers in this game.

Jeep Heritage Zone

Through our contacts with Heritage Jeep owners, we managed to have a magnificent collection of older military and civilian Jeeps on display. We had about 10 rigs including a few superb WW2 Willys, a full-size J10, a Jeepster, a big red Honcho, and a Cherokee Chief which were all restored and in mint condition.

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