Tuffy Security Rear Half Console for Jeep TJ

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here are a number of things I really like about Tuffy’s rear half-console for Jeep TJ and at the top of the list is comfort. Comfort in not only having a padded arm rest to set my arm while driving around town or in the backcountry, but also comfort in knowing the 16-gauge steel is strong and secure enough to protect any valuables I may have in my Jeep TJ.

I purchased Tuffy’s Rear Half Console for my Jeep TJ Rubicon just before attending the Texas Spur Jamboree in Llano, Texas because at the time, I had just about made the decision that I would not sell the TJ but rather continue building it out. The thought of selling the TJ had been looming for nearly a year as I had thought it was time to do a JK build.

Anyways, with the decision standing firm to keep the TJ Rubicon, I wanted to not only add elements of comfort to the vehicle (i.e. padded armrest while driving, better seats with lumbar support, etc) but “strengthen” its security with functional and bomb-proof storage. Hence the Tuffy Security Rear Half Console.

What really struck me about this product is its construction. It’s built tough and was extremely easy to install. Installation time took less than 20 minutes (including replacement of the subwoofer speaker within the console). In addition, the 1/4″ steel latch ensures the console is closed without locking. Speaking of locking the console, each console comes with a pair of numbered keys that can be replaced directly through Tuffy if you have the numbers written down for safe keeping.

All hardware included with the console is Grade 8 so you don’t have to worry about bolts, etc easily breaking if you are in the backcountry and hit large rock that causes your vehicle to jolt. For passengers in the rear, the oversized drink holders are a nice addition and an upgrade from the OEM drink holders on the stock console unit. Plus, compared to the stock unit, this console is constructed of 16-gauge steel (versus “heavy” duty plastic in the OEM version) which ensures that nobody is getting into it unless they’ve got a lot of time and a torch to cut it open.

Lastly, the Tuffy Rear Half Console has textured powder coating and is available in three colors: Black, Charcoal, or Tan.

If you’re looking for a stout, secure box to secure your valuables and comfort for your arms to boot, then Tuffy’s Rear Half Console (or Full Console for those looking to replace the entire front/rear console assembly in your Jeep TJ) is for you.

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