Company Overview – TeraFlex Suspensions

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Jeep Jamboree doesn’t just offer the greatest organized off-road events around the country but they have also joined forces with many of the off-road industry’s biggest names. This allows them to collectively bring their clients the best in off-road entertainment while also offering them a connection with the highest quality in after-market support for their Jeep vehicles.[Not a valid template]

JJUSA has a very strict qualifying process when it comes to deciding which companies do and don’t make it past the advisory board before graduating to the position of being an official sponsor. People want the best in the industry when it comes to product and customer service, and these are just a couple of the great qualities they have found with TeraFlex.

TeraFlex is well known for their suspension systems and can be regularly seen out on the trails and at major Jeep events around the country doing various R & D testing. Based in Murray, Utah, TeraFlex was established in 1996 but the folks within the company have been professionally working on and around Jeeps since the 1950s. St. George is close to Moab which makes for the perfect proving grounds for them to be out testing the latest and greatest in their suspension technology.

JJUSA’s company Jeeps are driven across the country annually and see some of the toughest wheeling terrain the U.S. has to offer. With those demands they need to know that after a weekend of wheeling they can rely on the “on road dependability” that is needed on Monday when it is time to head to the next destination, challenge, or event. The 2011 fleet of Rubicon Wranglers has been equipped with the TeraFlex 2.5” lift with “Front Lower Flexarms” to ensure that the alignment settings and angles stay where they need to be. Another thing people want out of their Jeeps is comfort. There are some kits out there that after the Jeep gets lifted up, the ride quality goes down. Not so with the TeraFlex-lifted Jeeps!

These vehicles have been on the Rubicon multiple times, to Moab for several events, and never are there any hesitations when it is time to hit the road towards the next destination that the Jeeps and drivers will not only arrive on time, but will also arrive safely. Mark Smith, founder of Jeep Jamboree USA, has stated that “When it comes to your components, you want top quality and the best in the industry.” According to Will Morgan, who is commonly found in one corner of the country or another wheeling in one of the Jeeps, “I’m continually impressed at how well the TeraFlex system performs as well as the comfort it delivers in ride and handling.”

Next time you are in the market for a suspension system for your Jeep, check into the product line offered by the folks at TeraFlex.

TeraFlex is a proud sponsor of Jeep Jamboree USA and JPFreek Adventure Magazine. You can find them online at http://www.teraflex.biz

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