The Mule Rack by Baja Rack

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One of the biggest challenges when preparing for a journey in a Jeep vehicle is space. Whether it’s a weekend excursion or an expedition to a remote locale, there’s rarely enough space in the vehicle to accommodate all the needs for storing camp gear, food, and everything else a person or family needs to have a successful trip. For many of us, the obvious answer is a rack system that maximizes storage, limits weight, and is also cost effective.

Enter the Mule Rack by BajaRack.

Weighing in at less than 40lbs, the Mule Rack is a lightweight, versatile “basket” that allows for easy storage of fuel cans, duffel bags, and virtually any 4×4 travel accessories of which can’t fit into the main cargo area of your vehicle. The basket mounts to stock or aftermarket crossbars and takes approximately 15-20 minutes initially to install and then only five minutes (or less) to place again should you feel the need to remove it when not in use. Sizing is at 39″ wide x 48″ long x 6″ tall so there’s plenty of “floor space” and height to store your gear. And, if you’re concerned about gear and other items accidentally falling from the rack while in transit then no worries as it includes a bungee-style web cord that covers the entire surface area of the rack to keep your gear safe and secure.

As for durability and strength, the Mule Rack is built using 1″ steel tubing so it’s strong enough to handle load requirements for 4×4 travel. I’ve placed up to 200lbs with no flex in the crossbeams which is particularly important when traveling on rough terrain. The built-in wind deflector helps eliminate noise and aids in aerodynamics, and the black powdercoating is durable enough to protect the steel tubing from anything/everything you might place on the rack.

In addition, a myriad of accessories have been made available including Hi-Lift/light/shove/axe/awning mounts. I’ve used this rack on my diesel Grand Cherokee for over two years now, traveling across the continental United States and it has held up to incredibly challenging terrain and weather conditions without fail. Coupled with my Camping Lab Basecamp Awning, the Mule Rack has been the perfect accessory for my travels and while relaxing at basecamp.

As for price, it’s very reasonable at $295. I’ve used rack systems approaching the $1k mark and the Mule Rack has worked just as effectively in most situations excluding roof top tent use. The Mule Rack was not designed for that purpose; however, Baja Rack does offer an option specifically for roof top tent integration in its Exp Rack. If that’s not a requirement though, Baja Rack’s Mule Rack is an extremely effective product for geting your gear out of the rig. This means more space for you and your passengers to stretch out and enjoy your 4×4 adventure without worrying about having space to pack your gear and enjoy a relaxing time at basecamp.

– For more information about the Mule Rack or Baja Rack’s full line of adventure equipment, visit the Baja Rack website at

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