NEMO Equipment Fillo Pillow

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The NEMO website describes the Fillo Pillow as “the pillow you’ve been waiting for.” We couldn’t agree more.

NEMO’s Fillo Pillow is undoubtedly the most comfortable pillow we’ve ever used in the field.  The pillow is so comfortable that it’s found its way into the bedroom as well.

Having a decent pillow while in the backcountry can make all the difference between a sound, pleasant experience that also translates to having the adequate rest needed to successfully complete your journey. In the past, I would use a stuff sack and fill it with clothes to rest my head. This wrorks fine but I would always wake up in the morning with a crick in my neck and/or tired from a restless night of sleep. Not so with the NEMO Fillo Pillow.

What makes this pillow such an incredible accessory is its overall quality and luxurious comfort. The NEMO Fillow Pillow features a 3″ thick inflatable cell and 1″ thick memory foam layer to maximize the sleep experience. The outer microfiber cover is soft and can be easily removed for cleaning. Additionally, an integrated bungee cord system on the back of the pillow allows for placement of clothes (as necessary) to adjust the height of the pillow for customization.

The NEMO Fillo Pillow can also be compressed to fit into your sleeping bag stuff sack, making it easy to pack with your gear while in the backcountry or even in your gear closet at home when not in use. Speaking of home, I can’t count how many times I’ve used the pillow at home given its comfort. How many other pieces of gear can you say you’ve used at basecamp AND at home?

Overall, the NEMO Fillo Pillow is an exceptional accessory for your camp experience and at $39.95, you won’t break the bank either. My suggestion? Pick one up today!

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