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Choosing the Right Mods for Overland Travel

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I’ve been overlanding since 2007. Not a long time but long enough to get a good idea of what works, what doesn’t work, and what you need in the terms of vehicle modifications. The good news is most stock high clearance Jeeps can do overland travel in their stock form. There are a few things that in my opinion can make it easier to traverse the more aggressive parts of a trail and make for a good looking rig.

My experience tells me that 31” to 33” tires with the necessary lift to accommodate them is a good start. Rock sliders and other protective “armor” is a consideration. Ways to carry gear such as roof racks, storage “totes”, drawer and shelf units need to be thought out. Aftermarket front and rear bumpers along with tow points and a minimum 9500lb winch come next.

As far as mandatory accessories go, a Ham radio for long range communications, a CB radio to communicate with those in your group that don’t have Ham radios, emergency locator device like a SPOT unit or other satellite messaging device/SAT phone, a good GPS unit with Topo maps, shelter such as a tent and sleeping bags, cooking equipment and perishable food storage.

The list can and will grow depending on the specifics of your trip but the great part of building a Jeep for any purpose is that you can do it in stages according to your time and budget.

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