AEV DualSport 2.5” suspension system

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American Expedition Vehicles, or AEV, is an industry leader in Jeep customization. The AEV DualSport 2.5” suspension system was designed for the Jeep owner who wanted the added performance of AEV’s taller systems but at a reduced height. Painstaking attention to ride quality, stability and geometry were carried over from AEV’s taller kits to produce a fully tuned 2.5” system. The 2.5” system accommodates 33” to 35” tires with not exhaust modifications required. The system maintains the same outstanding ride quality of the 3.5” and 4.5” systems.

Included in the Kit :

  • Custom Rear Track-Arm
  • Custom Rear Track-Arm Tower
  • Front Sway Bar end link relocation brackets
  • Bump-stop extensions
  • Brake line relocation brackets.
  • Triple Rate Coils for all four corners
  • Custom Tuned Bilstein shocks

AEV DualSport 2.5” suspension system

The AEV DualSport XT 2.5” suspension system is a vary straight forward installation and with little sweat equity, a good set of hand tools, and a jack and jack stands, your Jeep will be riding better than stock, on dependable components, with extra clearance for those new tires!

*Kit shown with optional front geometry correction brackets and AEV PROCAL programmer.

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