Napier Sportz SUV Tent

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Napier Sportz SUV Tent (Model 82000)


Napier Outdoors is a Canadian company that manufactures a line of Sportz SUV tents. Basically, an SUV tent attaches to the rear cargo area of a sport utility vehicle, thus increasing the living and cargo area of both the vehicle and the tent. Napier makes various models and styles of the tents, but we had the opportunity to review the 82000 which is perfect for any Jeep model. It’s not surprising that I was a little skeptical about the utility and performance of an SUV tent. I’ve owned dozens of tents and used them in all types of situations and conditions over the years, so I wondered about how this Sportz SUV tent would stack up against some of the top-of-the-line tents that I have owned. As soon as I opened this product and set up the tent, I was pleasantly surprised. I was immediately impressed by the construction of the tent and quality of the materials. There is a reason why this tent weighs 30 pounds….because Napier spared no expense in top materials and construction. This tent is rock solid, and is as sturdy and well-constructed as some of the high-end mountaineering tents that I have used in extreme environments. I set up the tent using my 2006 Jeep Grand Cherokee. Setting up was easy and took me about 15 minutes without help. Now that I know how to do it, I anticipate set up will probably take only about 10 minutes…..and probably faster if I have another person helping me. The instructions were easy to follow and are available in several languages. After set-up, I stood back and was amazed at this product! It has two doors, a gear loft, cargo pockets, lantern strap, plenty of ventilation, a rain fly with dining tarp, and many other features. While this tent has many notable features, what impressed me the most was that even after the tent was attached to the Jeep; I could still close the rear hatch of the vehicle without interfering with the stability of the tent. Even more impressive, you can zip up the “hole” created by the vehicle sleeve. This allows you to quickly close the hatch and move the vehicle without disturbing the tent. Brilliant! Take-down was easy, and a nice surprise was the expandable carry bag, providing plenty of room to store everything in the bag without struggling to get it all in there. Overall, I was thoroughly impressed with the Sportz SUV tent. This would be perfect for Jeep Jamborees, the lake, or any type of car camping. The utility, plus top quality of materials and construction easily justify the MSRP of $339.00. After using the Sportz SUV tent and seeing all the cool features, I highly recommend this product.

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