Balls On Your Tow Hitch

Tow Hitch

Recently, as I have been driving around town, I have been noticing a trend. Many trucks (and larger SUVs) have their balls showing. Not the offensive, chrome plated kind swinging from the bumper, but the actual (chrome plated) kind still in the receiver, ready to tow a trailer. I have three good reasons you might want to take out your balls. … [Read more...]

Tow Tech

AT Chaser

Towing a trailer is a skill many Jeep drivers find themselves needing at some point in their lives. Whether you are pulling a small fishing boat or a pop-up camper, a car hauler loaded with your precious Jeep cargo, or a massive 5th wheel vacation home…there are some common sense principles that hold true for any load. The first is use to the … [Read more...]

What Was I Thinking?


As I backed my trailer into my driveway, my wife came out asking what I was thinking. Actually, she wasn’t quite that ladylike as she was asking (more like a sailor, really), but that’s neither here nor there. The point is, I was backing in with a new Jeep (actually it was an old and rusty Jeep) and she really didn’t have the room (or any need) for … [Read more...]

Getting In Touch With Your Senses


Breathe deeply, close your eyes, and lean your head back. Let the stress flow from your body as a peaceful aura washes over you. Try to relax and get in touch with your senses. That doesn't sound like good advice for a Jeep driver...or does it? Actually, using your senses is a critical part of driving well. … [Read more...]

Fuel Economy Tips


I’m not sure I remember how cheap gas used to be. I mean, as a little kid you don’t really think about it…not until you have to buy it yourself. Many, many years ago I wanted a dirt bike and I knew it required high octane (premium) gas. At 99 cents a gallon I pretty much decided I couldn’t afford a dirt bike. A buck a gallon gas…can you even … [Read more...]

Pressure Situations

Frank & Ray at Old Ore Road in CO

Pressure situations happen to all of us in many aspects of our lives. Most of the time, too much pressure can lead to serious problems…at work, at home, at school…even in your tires! Let’s take a few minutes in this issue’s column to talk about correct tire pressure. Some folks barely give it a second thought but for anyone exploring the … [Read more...]

Practice Makes Perfect


Technology is an amazing thing. I hit my high trajectory golf balls with my graphite shafted, titanium-faced driver further than I ever could have with my old woods. Unfortunately, I now have to go deeper into the woods to find the ball that I sliced out of bounds. Of course, instead of spending my money on these fancy widgets, I realize now that I … [Read more...]

I've Got the Winter-time, No Jeepin' Blues

Jeep JK in the snow

It’s the coldest month in northern Minnesota and I’ve got the wintertime, no Jeepin’ blues. I can already hear you saying that I’m a wimp and should “man-up, Barbie” and get out on the trail, but hear me out. The weather forecast is for almost 20 degrees below zero this weekend, my heater only works on warm days, and there’s not much daylight yet. … [Read more...]

Choosing the Right Rubber for your Rig


My favorite letter gets reprinted about once a year in each of the 4WD magazines. The name changes, and the exact model Jeep varies, but the basic story is always the same. It sounds something like this: I’m a high school student with no money and I’m dreaming of putting 44” Swampers with a 12” lift on my uncle’s old 4 cylinder Willys. What is the … [Read more...]