Twisting Metal for Twisted People – Hunter Offroad


John Hunter is no ordinary metal fabricator. Based in Tempe, Arizona, Hunter Offroad creates custom one-off Jeep (or any OHV) accessories for back road adventurers of several varieties – from enthusiasts who want a full tube chassis for a buggy project to weekend warrior types who just want a custom tire carrier bumper or roof rack with some light … [Read more...]

My First Hundred Grand


In July 31, 2002 I handed over the keys to my beat-to-death Chevy Cavalier – with a failing clutch and a nasty dent on the hood left by the tail pipe of a Ford pickup at about 22 mph – to a sales lady at the nearby Jeep dealership. What I was getting in return was a handsome red TJ with the X package and a manual transmission. … [Read more...]

Ready Your Wrangler for Multi-Day Adventure


So, you wanna hit the trails for more than a day, huh? Call it an expedition, even? Good for you. I’ve being doing so for several years now, despite all the mistakes I’ve made along the way. And maybe you have a nice long list of things to take: a big heap of recovery gear, all sorts of spare hoses, belts, tie rod ends, and other parts along … [Read more...]

Quiet For a Tuesday: Solo in the Algerian Sahara


It’s like Tom Sheppard opened the passenger door of his Mercedes-Benz Gelandewagen, and I sat down for this ride through the wild desert. The esteemed Sheppard, with his legendary Vehicle-dependent Expedition Guide now demanding nearly $400 per used copy in the U.S., puts his knowledge where his heart is: behind the wheel and camera lens, pointing … [Read more...]