The Joy of Jeep


All the thrills of off-highway adventure started with the Jeep, and they keep on coming. A celebration of Jeeps and the people who drive them, this book features the vehicles, personalities, events, and maneuvers that make up the Jeep universe of competitive and recreational off-highway use. … [Read more...]

Jeep D30 to D44 on a Budget


For years many have said that I am running on borrowed time with the front axle in my CJ. The stock D30 has been in my CJ since I got it in 1997 with the only modification since then being the 4:10 gears installed a few years ago. I was told it would never hold up to the abuse it gets but it has never let me down. It was abused for several years … [Read more...]

Popcorn on the Trail


Popcorn is one of things I miss on a long overland trip. Planning and packing for meals on a week  or longer trip where a grocery store is just a faint memory can be challenging. Just think of the last market visit you made in preparation of  overland travel.    Even with an Engel fridge or the largest cooler, space for fresh or frozen items is at … [Read more...]

Coleman Pack-Away Kitchen


On those long distance trips, the one thing I look forward to is getting to the night’s camp and getting ready for a relaxing dinner. Your trail “kitchen” is every bit as important as your kitchen at home. Setting up an area to prepare, cook and clean up is not only necessary for efficiency but also for hygiene. … [Read more...]

Spot II GPS Satellite Messenger


One thing I have learned over my many years of Jeeping is that you can’t do enough to be prepared for anything. We’ve all seen or heard about incidents that have gone bad on the trail. Many of these stories played a significant roll for me three years ago when I made my decision to buy a SPOT Personal Tracker and carry it anytime I go off-highway. … [Read more...]

Industry Interview with ASFIR 4×4


Since 1986, ASFIR 4x4 has specialized in accessorizing and improving vehicles, including Jeeps. JPFreek Adventure Magazine recently had the opportunity to sit down and visit with their American distributor, Eitan from AOTech, to talk about ASFIR 4x4 products for Jeeps and their unique placement within the industry. … [Read more...]