Engel Elemax Generator


Generators have always been a thing I have frowned upon, simply due to the noise created as well as their weight and bulk. Engel has released the Element line of generators, powered by Honda engines which is a new and better option for your next backcountry excursion. … [Read more...]

MAXTRAX Vehicle Recovery Device


Using a set of MAXTRAX can eliminate the use for a winch in 99% of situations encountered where a winch would be needed. The MAXTRAX offers grip in all conditions, from snow to sand to hard pack rocks. The MAXTRAX come with a set of instructions but they really are not needed. It is obvious at first look at how to use them. They offer great grip on … [Read more...]

Trasharoo Spare Tire Garbage Container


I was fortunate enough to test the Trasharoo prototype for several thousand kilometers in Australia. The prototype, very similar to the final version, held up to everything we threw in it. The Trasharoo acted as our portable trash can, attached to our rear spare tire as wewent along our one-week excursion into the outback, holding securely all of … [Read more...]

Selecting A Portable Fridge For Your Jeep


Just about everyone has a cooler of some sort and has reached in to pull out that tasty treat, only to have it saturated with ice cold water. I can recall pulling into camp and lusting over other camper’s portable fridge/freezers as I reached into my cooler and grabbed my beer out of an icy pool of water. … [Read more...]