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Ocean City Jeep Week 2014 – Event Wrap-up


While we'd love to make it to every event out there, it's simply not possible. Therefore, we welcome event wrap-ups from organizers to help folks out there find out about great options for future outings. Today's is from the 5th Annual Ocean City Jeep Week. We invite all event organizers to submit their own wrap-up and photos! Over 900 Jeeps … [Read more...]

Badlands of the Heartland


With more of our public lands being shut down and the continuing threat of additional closures, the popularity of ORV parks is growing and the number of them continues to increase as well. Indiana is home to several of these parks including The Badlands and Redbird. These ORV parks are two of the best known and most popular in the state. Having … [Read more...]

A Tale of Two Jeepers – Willys Road Trip


When Germany invaded Poland in 1939, the stage had been set for what would later become the deadliest conflict in human history. Over 60 million people lost their lives during the Second World War, including nearly 40 million civilians, and while the forces of ‘good’ prevailed in an Allied victory, the world would never be the same. During the … [Read more...]

A Journey Through Corral Canyon


About 50 miles inland from San Diego lays Corral Canyon OHV.  I’d come across videos of 4-wheelers there that made it seem challenging and scenic, attributes I look for while planning trips for  The more research I did the more the area presented a fun weekend get-away and great practice for the Rubicon trip this year. I … [Read more...]

It's a Jeep Thing – Cape York in a WWII Jeep


I’ve just driven a World War II Jeep for the first time and I’m hooked! Our original plan was to borrow a mate’s Jeep to shoot a TV commercial at Chili Beach on Cape York but a last minute hiccup meant the loan Jeep was no longer available. Several frantic phone calls and a few hours scouring the web turned up a ‘42 Jeep for sale in Rockhampton. … [Read more...]

Catsailing with 'Ol Rubi


One summer day in 2002, a friend invited my wife and me to go sailing on her little Sunfish. The power of the wind and water was exhilarating, and we were hooked. Pitting our skills against nature and the technical aspects of a sailboat drew us into catamarans which are the ultimate adventure in small boat sailing. … [Read more...]