Freek Nog for the Holidays


With the arrival of the holiday season, what better way to kick back and relax than to come up with an easy, tasty version of our own Egg Nog? So, to kick-off the holiday season we introduce Freek Nog and we hope you enjoy this tasty beverage as much as we have. After a little experimentation and a whole lot of fun (it's always fun to experiment … [Read more...]

Easy No Mess Camp Burgers

Ready for enjoyment

Why would you be reading about cooking camp burgers? Because I believe this one ranks as “The Easy No Mess Method,” in which you’ll dirty no plates, bowls, flatware, nor will you have to tote around (or clean) a disgusting grill. Cooking your hamburger on a campfire by wrapping it in foil and placing it right on the coals has some big advantages: … [Read more...]

Pub Style Trout with Pretzel and Mustard Crust


For you trout lovers out there, Chef Mark DeNittis shares an awesome trout recipe from a recent backcountry excursion in his Jeep TJ.  Fix 'er up and enjoy! Pub Style Trout with Pretzel and Mustard Crust 2 Each Fresh Mountain Trout right from the stream (gutted) 1 Tbs Mustard ( Yellow Mustard) Dijon or other would work just as well. ½ tsp Black … [Read more...]

Winter Approach

7 Bar Grille

As we enter the winter season, some spirits are dulled. The bikes are hung, camping gear is stored, and the grills are covered. We start to unload the previously tucked away sweaters, load up on the firewood, and try to build our immune systems to avoid the flu and most recently H1N1. To help build your immune system this season, stick to those … [Read more...]

Edible Napkins


The big trip is soon approaching and you’re in need of an efficient way to clean your cookware, as well as your hands, that doesn’t require packing out in a trash bag while on adventure. Well, the folks at JPFreek recently discovered the perfect solution to an important part of camping. The answer? Flour tortillas! Yup, not only do flour … [Read more...]

Creating Energy For Your Next Adventure


Colorado is one of the fittest states in the nation because its inhabitants are so lucky to be living near the Rocky Mountains where summertime is playtime for the majority of folks. Since there are so many activities offered, such as hiking, kayaking, camping, off-highway travel, and so much more, keeping the energy level up can be difficult when … [Read more...]

Freeky Utility Ideas – Tacos al Rubicon


If you’ve never cooked a meal on the engine of your Jeep®, then you have seriously under-estimated the utility potentials of your vehicle. Be prepared to WOW your friends when you pull up to camp, pop open the hood, and sit down to eat while everyone else is trying to light coals or prime the camp stove. … [Read more...]

A Goodbye to Summer…..where in the heck did fall GO!?!?


OCTOBER 29th 2009: Denvers first major storm (Winter Storm Warnings in effect 10/28 - 10/30 6pm) with expected snowfall of 6 inches to 2 feet. It happens every year....snow before or on Halloween. But this is wild snow warning for 2 days! I am posting a this as a farewell to summer-fall! The Fall of Fall 2009….. Trail Chef Mark of 7 Bar Grille … [Read more...]