Cycling Across America


Twenty-nine hundred miles in twenty-five days. The distance and time are staggering in their own right but throw in elements such as heat, wind, and rain and one might be lead to believe that this sounds more like a form of grueling punishment than camaraderie and adventure. As it turns out, trekking from Costa Mesa, California across the United … [Read more...]

So, I Had a Talk With My Jeep – Project TJ


When Brooke told me she was pregnant, I considered this crazy thought for a long, stressful 24 hours: sell the TJ, cash out. Put the backseat in, give it a good wax job, and prepare to send it off with a college girl who likes it since it’s red and convertible. The horror. For a last hurrah I’d have to tell her, “Be sure to change the snorkel fluid … [Read more...]