Rebelle Rally: First Ever U.S. Off-road Navigation Rally Raid


JPFreek is thrilled to share the announcement of the Rebelle Rally, the first-ever women's off-road, multi-day, navigation rally raid using paper maps and compasses (no GPS or cellphones). Based on the idea behind the incredible Rallye Aicha des Gazelles in Morocco, this rally will be held in the southwest U.S. in October 2016 and is open to the … [Read more...]

Alpine X009-WRA JK Stereo – New Product Alert

X009-WRA Stra FINAL 050515 copy

Sweet looking new JK stereo and nav unit for 2011+ Wranglers from Alpine. ----- Alpine Electronics of America, Inc. has once again added to its lineup of 9-inch Restyle dash systems with the arrival of the X009-WRA for select 2011-up Jeep Wranglers.  The X009-WRA is showcased in a custom Jeep Wrangler demo vehicle made by Starwood … [Read more...]

Satmap's Active 10 Trek GPS


Consumers have a lot of choices when it comes to buying a GPS device these days. Only a few years ago, it was fairly easy to walk into your favorite gear shop and select a handheld device from either Garmin or Magellan. Now though, there are plenty of other options to choose from, as well, all with a host of features to help you navigate your way … [Read more...]