Popcorn on the Trail


Popcorn is one of things I miss on a long overland trip. Planning and packing for meals on a week  or longer trip where a grocery store is just a faint memory can be challenging. Just think of the last market visit you made in preparation of  overland travel.    Even with an Engel fridge or the largest cooler, space for fresh or frozen items is at … [Read more...]

White Water, Kayaks, and Good Times


The changing of the seasons each year brings the excitement and planning for all my upcoming adventures. Too often when we talk about or think of Jeep trips we associate it with a wheeling adventure or expedition. Some of my favorite moments in my Jeeps have been while traveling to or from a camping or hiking trip, kayaking excursion, and even … [Read more...]

Amputee Adventures


Jerry Dickson grins as he shows me the historical marker with the story of a tall tale spinning amputee who always came out of the mountains with a bit of gold. “See, we aren’t the first Disabled Explorers to travel this desert” he says as we enjoy the moment. … [Read more...]