Hypothermia Run


Driving for hours up a mountain in the snow, with the express purpose of sleeping outdoors in freezing temperatures, sounds like lunacy to most people. Nearly everybody I mentioned it to, in fact. Looking for someone to go with, I floated the idea to a couple of local Jeep clubs that I belong to. After all, misery loves company but in the end there … [Read more...]

Moab: To Hell Dorado and Back


If any place in the world could be considered Mecca for Jeep enthusiasts, Moab, Utah would certainly be a contender. … [Read more...]

Circle the Wagons!


Theodore Winthrop, a world traveler who descended from some of the earliest American families, visited the Puget Sound area in 1853.  … [Read more...]

Winter Wheelin' With NAXJA


Jeeping. It’s a love hate relationship. It consumes money and time with the ferocity of a Kansas tornado. It leaves you up to your chin in cold water, buried in mud, replacing broken parts in sub-zero temps, baking on sandstone, and presents a myriad of other unforeseeable perils. … [Read more...]