Interview with Mark A. Smith


In 1953, Mark A. Smith organized the first-ever Jeep Jamboree across the Sierra Nevada Mountains by way of the old Rubicon Trail. Often referred to as the founder of modern day off-road travel, Mark A. Smith has played an integral part in establishing the Jeep brand as the "Go Anywhere, Do Anything" brand it is today. Below is a video from Pearse … [Read more...]

Capturing the Splendor of America's Hidden Treasures – Part I


The majesty and mystical qualities of the pristine outdoors has always fascinated me. Off-highway adventure in my Jeep is the perfect escape, allowing me to find these places in general comfort and get away from it all. I have always felt driven to explore-to escape my day-to-day life and have an adventure. … [Read more...]

An Old Dog Learns New Tricks


What in the heck would make a seventy year old great grandfather give up the comfort and amenities of his thirty eight foot luxury motor home so he would end up sleeping on a $12 air mattress in a $24 tent, held down by big rocks on a field composed of crushed basalt and sticker burr weeds? … [Read more...]

A Whirlwind of Adventure


Have you ever flipped through old wheeling magazines, day dreaming and thinking of how cool it would be to have the opportunity to just hit the open road for a couple months? I know I have so when the opportunity came along for me to do just that, as a Jeep Jamboree U.S.A. sponsored event, I relished the opportunity to do so. … [Read more...]