I've Got the Winter-time, No Jeepin' Blues

Jeep JK in the snow

It’s the coldest month in northern Minnesota and I’ve got the wintertime, no Jeepin’ blues. I can already hear you saying that I’m a wimp and should “man-up, Barbie” and get out on the trail, but hear me out. The weather forecast is for almost 20 degrees below zero this weekend, my heater only works on warm days, and there’s not much daylight yet. … [Read more...]

Industry Interview with ASFIR 4×4


Since 1986, ASFIR 4x4 has specialized in accessorizing and improving vehicles, including Jeeps. JPFreek Adventure Magazine recently had the opportunity to sit down and visit with their American distributor, Eitan from AOTech, to talk about ASFIR 4x4 products for Jeeps and their unique placement within the industry. … [Read more...]