Gear You Want for Your Next Jeep Camping Trip


Guest Post By Matt Sather A Jeep is the ideal vehicle for the weekend camping trip, but with just a few simple additions, you can take your next adventure to another level. No matter if you’re hitting the trail for the weekend or taking the family to the lake for a quick night away, there are a number of accessories on the market that can make … [Read more...]

NEMO Announces Sleeping Bag Test Program


10 Lucky Customers Will Win a Spot on the Adventure Products Testing Team NEMO Equipment, Inc., a leader in designing innovative tents, sleeping pads and backcountry accessories, is currently working on its next line of products, sleeping bags. In staying true to its mission of producing ground-breaking new designs, NEMO is offering shop employees … [Read more...]

Ready Your Wrangler for Multi-Day Adventure


So, you wanna hit the trails for more than a day, huh? Call it an expedition, even? Good for you. I’ve being doing so for several years now, despite all the mistakes I’ve made along the way. And maybe you have a nice long list of things to take: a big heap of recovery gear, all sorts of spare hoses, belts, tie rod ends, and other parts along … [Read more...]

MSR Super Fusion 3 Tent


I must say that I was a little concerned when I read the forecast for my recent winter camping trip in Pike National Forest. Temperatures were expected in single digits with blizzard like conditions. However, the all-season rating of the MSR Superfusion stood up to the snow and cold temperatures. … [Read more...]

An Old Dog Learns New Tricks


What in the heck would make a seventy year old great grandfather give up the comfort and amenities of his thirty eight foot luxury motor home so he would end up sleeping on a $12 air mattress in a $24 tent, held down by big rocks on a field composed of crushed basalt and sticker burr weeds? … [Read more...]

Choosing the Right Shelter for Camping Adventure


The most popular backcountry shelter is a tent. They are relatively lightweight, weatherproof (or supposed to be), fairly warm, and easily packed. … [Read more...]

NEMO Equipment Morpho AR Tent


When it comes to tents, NEMO has definitely let the air out of its competitors sails. When I first received the tent, I hopped online to read more about NEMO and quickly learned about the AST (Air Supported Technology) Airbeams that are used instead of traditional aluminum tent poles to support the tent and stand up to the elements. … [Read more...]