Removing & Fitting a Tire


This is the “ultimate in tire repair with hand tools.” You’d have to perform this task if your tire is completely shredded, or the repair you have to perform is major and cannot be done by breaking and removing one side of the tire from the rim. What I like about this task is that once you’ve mastered it, everything else with tires is easy sailing. … [Read more...]

Tire Clinic – Major Sidewall Repair


You've just passed through a gnarly series of rocks and ruts in what seemed like a very difficult traverse in your Jeep vehicle. Then, all of a sudden, you find your tire has been severely damaged from an adjoining rock. You're in the backcountry, far from civilization. What do you do? … [Read more...]

Trail of the Summer


Is a Jeep Wrangler Rubicon truly broken in without returning to the dirt, boulders and climbs from which it was sired? … [Read more...]

Cooper Discoverer STT Tires


Choosing the right tires for your rig can be a pretty overwhelming experience. With so many options available based on varying driving conditions, it’s tough to know the contenders from the pretenders. For me, having a premium tire that can tackle any terrain, wet or dry, is a must and that’s why I chose the Cooper Discoverer STT. … [Read more...]