It’s the Journey, Not the Destination


It turns out the Mud Springs Trail in Arizona has confounded many of us Phoenician four-wheelers over the years. Back in the day before our first Jeep, George and I attempted Mud Springs in our ’99 Dodge Ram 1500 4x4, and on another outing we borrowed our neighbor’s ATV. On both occasions we missed reaching the Holy Grail at the end of the trail: … [Read more...]

M-Rock 673 Camera Bag


M-rock bags are overbuilt, reliable pieces of gear for the professional and amateur photographer. The latest offering from M-rock lives up to this heritage. I am a fan of this bag! With messenger-inspired styling, it does not look like a camera bag which I find refreshing and helpful. … [Read more...]

MSR Super Fusion 3 Tent


I must say that I was a little concerned when I read the forecast for my recent winter camping trip in Pike National Forest. Temperatures were expected in single digits with blizzard like conditions. However, the all-season rating of the MSR Superfusion stood up to the snow and cold temperatures. … [Read more...]

ALPS Mountaineering Fold-Up Table Combo


Multiple day, long distance trips present challenges that a typical day of off-roading rarely do. Many of those challenges deal with decisions of what equipment to bring,  what supplies you need and how much room you have to carry them, especially if your trail rig is a CJ or Wrangler type vehicle. Usually for a short two to three day trip, I … [Read more...]

Coleman Pack-Away Kitchen


On those long distance trips, the one thing I look forward to is getting to the night’s camp and getting ready for a relaxing dinner. Your trail “kitchen” is every bit as important as your kitchen at home. Setting up an area to prepare, cook and clean up is not only necessary for efficiency but also for hygiene. … [Read more...]

From Plains to Vistas – Palo Duro Adventure


While on the way to Palo Duro Canyon State Park, a sense of excitement and curiosity overcame me. This would be my very first Jeep Jamboree event, and I didn’t know what to expect. It was also the 20th anniversary for Jeep Jamboree, founded by Mark A. Smith, which made the event even more exciting. … [Read more...]