ExtremeTerrain Mammoth Boulder Wheel Giveaway


ExtremeTerrain is giving away a set of five Mammoth Boulder Wheels for your Wrangler! Mammoth Boulder Wheels feature: Aggressive five-spoke styling Hub-centric design One-piece aluminum construction Lifetime limited warranty The wheels come in two different styles and three different colors, so there’s a combination to … [Read more...]

I've Got the Winter-time, No Jeepin' Blues

Jeep JK in the snow

It’s the coldest month in northern Minnesota and I’ve got the wintertime, no Jeepin’ blues. I can already hear you saying that I’m a wimp and should “man-up, Barbie” and get out on the trail, but hear me out. The weather forecast is for almost 20 degrees below zero this weekend, my heater only works on warm days, and there’s not much daylight yet. … [Read more...]

Cooper Discoverer STT Tires


Choosing the right tires for your rig can be a pretty overwhelming experience. With so many options available based on varying driving conditions, it’s tough to know the contenders from the pretenders. For me, having a premium tire that can tackle any terrain, wet or dry, is a must and that’s why I chose the Cooper Discoverer STT. … [Read more...]

So, I Had a Talk With My Jeep – Project TJ


When Brooke told me she was pregnant, I considered this crazy thought for a long, stressful 24 hours: sell the TJ, cash out. Put the backseat in, give it a good wax job, and prepare to send it off with a college girl who likes it since it’s red and convertible. The horror. For a last hurrah I’d have to tell her, “Be sure to change the snorkel fluid … [Read more...]